Info en YAMASA's 10th Let's Enjoy Japanese Food Culture with YAMASA campaign, BENTO World Grand Prix 2013 has ended its post & vote period on the 29th of October, 2013. We truly appreciate all the posts and votes of / for all the BENTO's that joined this campaign.

One point advise from Bento&Co
Using BENTO goods

シリコンカップ - スクエア Among silicon cups, colorful ones are much popular than simple ones.
How about changing lunch goods in keeping with the season?

レタス&リーフばらん Lining up cups in the Bento prevents the positional shifts inside box.

ハニー&フラワーピック Picks will be an accent, which can suddenly make the interior of Bento brighter and cuter.
They enable you to eat dishes easily that are hard to pinch.

デコ弁キット Using punching dies vary the way of vegetables and meals.

ふりかけケースぱんだ Spice cases can contain not only spices, but also grated cheese. To bring grated cheese with your spice cases responds to the increase of flavor of pasta lunch. Bring spice cases with your Bento!