1. Will the works by HAMAGUCHI Yozo always be displayed in the small museum?

As the intaglio prints are highly sensitive to light and temperature change, it is not possible to display his works for an extended period of time. Thus, they will not always be displayed in the gallery.

The works available for viewing varies with each exhibition, so please contact us in advance regarding the current exhibition.

2. When will the works by MINAMI Keiko be available for public viewing?

-We currently do not have a permanent gallery for her works, but we display them periodically. Please check our website for updates.

3.When are the workshops for mezzotint held?

- Presently, we have classes for beginners and open classes for those who has had experience several times a year. Please check the Mezzotint Class page or exhibit leaflets for further information.

4.Is it possible to only use the Cafe?

- It is possible to only use the Cafe. However, as it is located within the museum, it is closed during the museum functions, holidays, and closing times.

5.Do you have lockers on site?

- We do not have lockers however, it is possible to check your luggage at the front desk.