Café Musée H

After enjoying the exhibition, please drop by the Café.
We offer you a pleasant and quiet place with an assortment of delicious goods. The Café is accessible independently from the Museum.

● We offer a 150 yen discount coupon for each museum visitor ●




Vanilla ice with Yamasa’s black honey flavored soy sauce.
The combination has a smooth mouth-feel. The vanilla ice cream can be replaced with the seasonal ice cream offering (Please ask the staff for the selection).

Cake Set with Hot Coffee or Espresso ¥800
Cake Set with a Drink ¥900
Ice Cream only ¥400


This rich cheesecake is made from cream cheese imported from France.
Please enjoy the velvety cheesecake with the pecan crust.

Cake Set with Hot coffee or Espresso ¥900
Cake Set with a drink ¥1000
  • Please choose a drink from the menu below when ordering a set.
  • We only have a limited number of sweets available. We apologize if your first choice is not available.
  • The discount ticket is not applicable for non-set orders.



Coffee ¥500
Espresso ¥500
Iced Coffee ¥600
Iced Tea ¥600
Hot Tea (Pot service) ¥600
Chinese Minnan Oolong Tea (Pot service) ¥600
Sparkling Water with Natural Yuzu (Japanese citron) Syrup ¥600


Business Hours

The Café is open during the museum operation hours.
Seats: 9
*This is a non-smoking area.

《 Information 》
As the Café Musée H is located inside the museum, it is closed when the museum is closed due to exhibit maintenance.
It may also be closed temporarily without notice for big events.
Please check this website or directly contact us for cafe hours.