Musee Hamaguchi Yozo : Yamasa Collection 2024 COLLECTION EXHIBITION Minami Keiko Copper-plate Print Exhibition – Spring 2024 9 March 2024 (Sat.) – 19 May 2024 (Sun.)



Copper-plate engraver Keiko Minami (1911-2004) was born in Toyama Prefecture and tried painting and poetry from her girls’ high school days.

After meeting Yozo Hamaguchi, who later became one of the leading copper-plate print artists of the 20th century, she was motivated and moved to France in 1953 and continued to create works in the world of copper-plate engraving.

Keiko Minami’s works are filled with full of transparent colors.

For example, the green color used in her works, one can feel her careful attention to the details, such as the green of the trees full of vitality and the warm green of the background.

During this trees and plants budding season, approximately 50 works are exhibited in this exhibition, mainly the works in gentle colors. Please take your time to appreciate the colors that remain unchanged in the shifting world.