Musee Hamaguchi Yozo : Yamasa Collection 2023 Autumn Exhibition Boat Rowing to the Light ~Far-Reaching Breadth Born from the Hands~HAMAGUCHI Yozo with KUWABARA Hiroaki, TAKASHIMA Susumu, and MAEDA Masayoshi 26 August 2023 (Sat.) – 19 November 2023 (Sun.)



Standing in front of Yozo Hamaguchi’s copper-plate engravings, one will be wrapped in the softness and tranquility of colors.

Together with the works of Yozo Hamaguchi, we introduce three artists who seek after delicate and clear expressions in the present age.


KUWABARA Hiroaki, an artist who creates a quiet world inside of a scope that can be wrapped in one’s hand.

TAKASHIMA Susumu, who eliminates subjectivity and continues to draw for materials and tools.

MAEDA Masayoshi, who puts ingenuous dreams into small moving sculptures.


Small shapes and delicate lines include far-reaching breadth.

This is an exhibition of expression that can be called a modest solemnity.

Please appreciate the works of four artists, which invite you from the horizon to the sky and to eternity.


We invited Ms. YANAI Midori, an art historian, as an exhibition adviser.






Inside the brass scope, a small chair, etc., are locked in, that fits on one’s fingertips. When looking through it with a light through several holes of the scope, it looks as if time changes, or unexpected scenery appears depending on the angle of the light.




All the works are drawings using materials that change the thickness of the lines.

The lines drawn by brushes are thick and deep at the beginning when they contain ink, and they become gradually thin and then faint.  To the contrary, lines drawn by color pencils or core metal are thin at the beginning when they are sharpened and gradually become thick.

By repeating these lines of varying thickness regularly and filling the whole drawing by them, works are born that can be said to be crystals of lines unique to each material.


MAEDA Masayoshi


Small moving sculptures address quietly. Simple lines perform the flow of time like poetry, and drawing out pure dreams and forgotten memories and emotions of inside of one’s heart.

At this exhibition, pictures and small moving sculptures are exhibited together.

Demonstrations of the small moving sculptures will be at 11:30 and 14:30 every day, and around 18:30 on night museum days.




The works are characterized by soft black that is created by carving a copper-plate over a long period of time.

They bring a feeling of tranquility and eternity.