Keiko Minami Copper-plate Prints Exhibition: Quiet Kingdom 27 May 2023 (Sat.) - 6 August



2023 Summer Exhibition of Collections

Keiko Minami Copper-plate Prints Exhibition : Quiet Kingdom

2023 May 27 (Sat.) – Aug 6 (Sun.)


This is an exhibition of Keiko Minami (1911-2004), who is one of the first Japanese women in the late 20th century who discovered the potential of copper-plate engravings and produced them in Paris.  Born in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, Keiko had been drawing pictures since she was a child.  After the war, she went to Tokyo to present her oil paintings at group-exhibitions, and further went to Paris and distinguished herself as a copper-plate engraver.


Keiko Minami’s motifs remained almost unchanged for about 40 years of her production.

A bird, a girl, a tree, etc.

Standing alone on their own feet or staying still, they are in a world filled with feeling of transparency.

In the prints, loneliness and the happiness that passed through it are calmly harmonized.


The texture of the copper-plate prints is suitable for expressing her quiet world.

Loneliness, kindness, admiration, and hope are studded like particles of light as pale colors.


For a moment, please appreciate her works as if you are traveling alone around them.

The exhibition consists of 45 works by Minami and 10 works by Yozo Hamaguchi.