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Directly from alpha blogger "Takky Mama"
BENTO decorations

Decorative Cut

Decorative Cut Only simple decorative cut makes Bento beautiful immediately as a flower blooms.
Cut the white part of quail eggs with point of a kitchen knife to make a notch. They are soft enough to open easily. Sprinkle dry parsley and make it brilliant.
Choose harder cherry tomatoes. Incise them from three parts radially and make them like a flower.
Cut off both ends of wiener. Incise them from three parts radially. Cut the long part in half lengthwise, then cut it at intervals of five millimeter. Cook the wiener so that both ends come to open. Roll up and stick the ends with picker. It looks like a sunflower.

How to Decorate Bento Brilliantly

How to Decorate Bento BrilliantlyPicks, wax papers, and paper napkins. These three items are useful when the color of dishes looks lonely.
Wrap a toothpick in masking tape and make a favorite pick of your own.
Wax paper has various types, from English letters type to floral design and polka dots type. Use whichever type you like as partition to separate the food.
Fold paper napkin elongatedly and adjust the height to Bento. Cover inside the Bento with it, then Bento looks better!

Food Ingredients to Fill the Gaps in Bento

Food Ingredients to Fill the Gaps in BentoBento looks different depending on gap-filling dishes. Simple gap filling is fine but it can be more brilliant with a bit of contrivance. Fasten edamame or quail eggs with a toothpick. Cook cherry tomato pincho with cheese or cucumber.
Cut wiener in half. Incise the cut ends from three parts radially. Cook the wiener so that cut ends come to open, like a flower blooming.
Put corns or peas inside the opened part of wiener. Now it gets cuter!