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Directly from alpha blogger "Takky Mama"
"Irodori" of BENTO

Tips to Color Bento Well

Tips to Color Bento Well It is said that nutrition is well-balanced if Bento contains all color of red, yellow, and green. Coloring becomes beautiful if you use three colors consciously.
The impression would be gorgeous by decorating a frill lettuce, and be firm by shaking the white sesame and black sesame seeds on top of the side dishes. Shaking dry parsley would be also beautiful.
It is recommended to use hijiki for black color. Cherry tomatoes would be one point decoration by cutting in half and showing the inside of it.

Decorating Dishes

Decorating Dishes It is recommended to decorate dishes when you want some color for side dishes. Bento becomes gorgeous by only decorating cutely with cut vegetables or ham and cheese, or by just arranging rice ball.
Round shape is ideal for rice balls. Wrap the rice and make it round like a ball. Sprinkle seasoned powder or just decorating the ball with laver. Then Bento looks better.

Colorful Rice

Colorful Rice In colorful rice, rice is the main character. From three-colored gorgeous rice, such as three-color soboro, pink rousong, green laver, black sesame, etc, to "crunchy pickled plum rice."
Pickled plum gets cuter by this way, unlike the hinomaru Bento where you just put a pickled plum on the rice. As a whole, Bento looks much better.