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One point advise from Bento&Co
How to choose Bento Box

When you select Bento box, you should check its size whether it suits the amount user requires, its material, and its availability with microwave ovens and dishwashing machines.

PARIS スクエアランチ Bento box with deep bottom or tall cover has unexpectedly large capacity. There is a Bento box type that two boxes can be folded as one after the meal.

メンズスリム弁当 Also some types are slim so that you can carry them in your business bug without difficulty.

サンドイッチケース 百華 And lately, there is such a Bento box of collapsible type.

ウォールマグポーター In the cold season, items such as heat-retaining type, soup mug,

おにぎりBOXand rice ball box will broaden the joy of Bento.