The World of Yozo Hamaguchi : Soft Light and Darkness – From the Dialogue Between Yozo Hamaguchi and Yasuo Kashiwakura, Scholar of French Literature 11 February 2023 (Sat.) – 7 May 2023 (Sun.)



Yozo Hamaguchi is a copper-plate artist representing the latter half of the 20th century. This exhibition brings out a part of the secret of the creation based on his own recollection.

In 1930, Hamaguchi withdrew from the Department of Sculpture at Tokyo School of Fine Arts and went to Paris, the international art city. While staying there, he tried oil painting and watercolor painting, but was forced to return to Japan due to the outbreak of World War II. After the war, around after the age of 40, he began working on copper-plate engraving in earnest for the first time. After that, when he went again to Paris, he opened his way as a printmaker all at once. During his lifetime, Yozo Hamaguchi did not talk much about his own works, but in 1987, from the cheerful dialogue of the interview in Tokyo, it came up that his quiet works were always supported by soft ideas and an inquisitive mind. The interviewer was Mr. Yasuo Kashiwakura, a scholar of French literature who lived in Paris for seven years as an NHK correspondent, who had contact with the artist.

This interview was originally featured in our exhibition 11 years ago. In this exhibition, the interview is introduced from a new angle by adding works and materials that were discovered