Winter Exhibition, Musee Hamaguchi Yozo : Yamasa Collection  Beyond Unevenness                           Kouseki Ono, Tetsuya Takizawa, Michiko Nakattani, Yozo Hamaguchi 5 October 2019 (Sat.) – 22 December 2019 (Sun.)



“What is essential is invisible to the eye” is a passage from the novel The Little Prince.

In this exhibition, three Japanese contemporary artists are introduced who explore ways to present important things which do not have a clear shape, representing them in a way of unevenness using hand-made technique.

Kouseki Ono uses screen printing and adds ink layers over layers, and creates ideological three-dimensional art prints,

Tetsuya Takizawa collects a cobweb and prints it, and rubs Scandinavian rocks and prints them onto plane surface to represent their history and time abstractly,

and Michiko Nakatani creates a plaster mold and pours resin into it to present illusion of the crystal heart into sculpture.

Yozo Hamaguchi quitted the Sculpture Department of Tokyo School of Fine Arts and went to France, and he came up with a technique called mezzotint which carves the surface of copper plate as finely as possible.

In addition to Hamaguchi’s soft copper-plate prints, please appreciate the works of artists who seek for something that cannot be captured, and deepen their expression in order to realize its touch of sense by manual work.