Quality of Yamasa soy sauce highly evaluated by Japanese cuisine professionals
Expert professional chefs make the most of the inherent flavors of ingredients to complete vividly beautiful dishes. The majority of them has chosen Yamasa soy sauce as indispensable.

Mr. Hiromitsu Nozaki is the grand chef of Waketokuyama, Michelin starred restaurant in Minami-Azabu, Tokyo. He has won great acclaim from gastronomists for his sophisticated sense and excellent skill.

We ask Mr. Nozaki, a true expert in Japanese cuisine, about how he has had true values on soy sauce.

How does Mr. Nozaki find good quality of Yamasa soy sauce?

He changed expression serious and professional, as soon as he stepped into the kitchen.
The selected ingredients started looking and moving in a lively way in his hands and are breathed new lives. In his words, this breath of new life refers to soy sauce.

"Soy sauce is the all-purpose seasoning like an all-around player. Seasoning, flavoring , bringing out the taste of ingredients and coloring. Every function is indispensable elements in Japanese cuisine."

To bring the best out of ingredients is the true worth of Japanese cuisine.
It does not mean you do not season them.
Soy sauce is combined with other ingredients and generates a perfect harmony of tastes, as if it works miracles in the stewpot.
That is why soy sauce is the essential stuff for cooking.

"Japan's food culture is really profound.
Japanese soy sauce has a history of hundreds of years, and it is still widely used everyday.
It is one of the facts that Japan can be proud of."

The Miracle Stuff

Mr. Hiromitsu Nozaki