Yamasa soy sauce factory visit

- Pressing -Pressing moromi to produce soy sauce.

After the aging of Moromi is completed, raw soy sauce is squeezed out of mature Moromi. Just like in the traditional way, Moromi is wrapped in a cloth and squeezed slowly as long as three days. On the first day, soy sauce drops out of the cloth on its own weight. On the second day, the Moromi wrapped in the cloth is squeezed with a low-pressure. On the third day, the pressure is added gradually, and what's left in the cloth is only grounds with very little liquid.

Raw soy sauce is produced.
That's why it takes as long as three days.
Soy sauce is made from Moromi that is aged for several months. This is called raw soy sauce.
What do you do with the grounds ?
We call the grounds "soy sauce residue." It consists of 17 percent protein, 14 percent sugar and six percent salt. It is mainly used as feed for livestock animals.