Yamasa soy sauce factory visit

- Preparation for the brewing process -After culturing process, Soy sauce koji is mixed with salt water to make "Moromi".

Salt, the third and last ingredient, is dissolved into water, and then mixed with Koji and poured into a large tank. The mixture is called Moromi (mash of unmatured soy sauce). Although salt is added in the form of salt water, it does more than to add salty taste to soy sauce. The salt protects Moromi from unnecessary microorganisms and helps slow activities of lactic acid bacilli and ferment, which are indispensable in soy sauce production.
How big is the tank ?
Although the size varies, one tank here is three meters in diameter and three meters in depth, with the capacity of 20 kiloliters. From this tank, as many as 20,000 bottles of one-liter size soy sauce are produced.
It is too big to imagine.
What did Moromi originally mean ?
It means something of various tastes in Japanese language.