Yamasa soy sauce factory visit

- Bottling and finishing -Yamasa brings good taste to your table

Inspected soy sauce is bottled in the clean room. The room is germfree.
Soy sauce is bottled at a very high speed, isn't it ?
Although soy sauce is produced slowly, bottling is done very quickly.
The bottled soy sauce is shipped out to the market. Yamasa soy sauce is now used and loved by many people not only in Japan but in many countries around the world. Yamasa soy sauce is popular throughout the world.
This factory is connected to the world, isn't it ?
As there is a Yamasa factory in the United States, that will be a good place for you to visit next.
A soy sauce factory in the United States! I'd like to see that.
What kind of food is soy sauce suitable for ?
Soy sauce contains various tastes-saltiness, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and Umami. They are well-balanced to create the taste of soy sauce. For example, if you pour soy sauce on salty pickles, they become mild. If you pour soy sauce on sashimi (raw fish,) it removes the fishy smell and brings out its tastiness. The savory smell of stir fried soy sauce stimulates your appetite.